Master Thatchers

medium_web_251cda7b0d2a90.jpgWe’re proud to be members of the National Society of Master Thatchers. This is an important mark and recognition of the quality of our work. Here’s a little background and history to the Society:

The Society was first established in 1967 and its original name, The National Society of Master Thatchers’ Associations reflected the basis of the membership. By 1977 it was realised that individuals wished to be recognised as Master Thatchers in their own right. A new constitution was drawn up and the name changed to the National Society of Master Thatchers. The name was changed again, to its current form, in 1998 when the Society became incorporated as a Limited company; this reflects the changing times and is a necessary strategy that protects the personal liability of the Society’s executive officers.

Membership of the Society is through proposal and sponsorship by an existing member, followed by peer review. This entry procedure ensures that the very highest quality standards, of craftsmanship are maintained and clients can have confidence in thatchers who demonstrate Society membership as part of their in-house business promotion.

The National Society of Master Thatchers has a responsibility to its members to continually review the past to help them meet the challenges of the future, not just for their own businesses but also for their customers; thatched property owners, who actually finance the nation’s thatch and heritage infrastructure. Individually thatched houses should be regarded as “Small Heritage”, for they are maintained by individuals and do not attract the huge interest or publicity that goes with maintaining large properties or obsolete buildings; but together they form an important part of village cultural heritage and probably add up to a national capital asset of approximately £12.5 billion

We are the resource of first choice for our members, their customers, conservation officers, the media and for all who care about thatch as part of our National heritage.